Translators without Borders

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Translators without Borders is an independent non-profit association helping NGOs to extend their humanitarian work by providing free, professional translation.
The mission of Translators without Borders is to connect qualified professional translators with humanitarian projects most in need of their help.

translators without bordersKnowledge is power.
It saves lives, lifts people out of poverty,
ensures better health and nutrition, creates and maintains economies.

Access to information is critical.
Language barriers cost lives.
Aid groups working in crisis-situations face a mission-critical challenge in
disseminating knowledge in the language of those that who need it.

Translators without Borders facilitates the transfer of knowledge from one
language to another by creating and managing a community of NGOs who need
translations and professional, vetted translators who volunteer their time to help.

Through the sophisticated Translators without Borders platform, important aid
groups easily connect directly with professional translators, breaking down the
barriers of language and building up the transfer of information
to those who need it, one brick at a time.

Company Overview
The translations Translators without Borders provide allow key information to be exchanged and circulated within the framework of international humanitarian missions.

On average, TWB volunteers translate 1 million words per year, focusing on three types of humanitarian translations: crisis translations needed urgently to inform people in crisis, translations that support an NGO’s operations, and educational translations that directly support people in need.

General Information

Do you want to volunteer? Make sure to fill in the registration form our website!

If you would like to donate money to Translators Without Borders, please visit this page:

photo credit: Thomas Leuthard via photopin cc

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